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March 30, 2017

Algorithms for interactive learning
In this 45-minute talk at the University of Southern California, Dasgupta looks at the progress of supervised learning over the years and poses a question about how supervised learning algorithms and techniques can be adapted to interactive learning, in which a machine interacts with the human operator. He asserts... more
“How was it done, Paul?”
“It’s all in the report. We’ll need an expert to check out the details, because a wide variety of transactions is involved; but... more
- Morris West (1974)
Ethics in the age of information: YouTube

The large project that Luciano Floridi has taken on is an approach to information science (computer science, computation) from the perspective of philosophy. He has written a great deal about this... more

Ethics (K.4.1...) | Mar 29 17

Model checking learning agent systems using Promela with embedded C code and abstraction: Formal Aspects of Computing

Model checking is a formal method that decides whether a system satisfies a property formulated in temporal logic. While... more

Model Checking (D.2.4...) | Mar 29 17

Aspect extraction in sentiment analysis: comparative analysis and survey: Artificial Intelligence Review

This paper covers a considerable volume of research work in the area of sentiment analysis. The authors define sentiment analysis as the... more

Text Analysis (I.2.7...) | Mar 23 17

A constraint programming scheduler for heterogeneous high-performance computing machines: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems

If you have managed high-performance computing (HPC) facilities, you will be aware of the difficulties that can arise in job scheduling. Nineteen nodes... more

Scheduling (D.4.1...) | Mar 23 17

Centralized allocation of human resources: an application to public schools: Computers and Operations Research

Workforce planning--the allocation of human resources to available projects/task units--is a problem that has a direct impact on the financial bottom line... more

Project & People Mgmt. (K.6.1) | Mar 23 17

Efficient kd-tree construction for ray tracing using ray distribution sampling: Multimedia Tools and Applications

Raytracing is one of the main rendering methods used to generate 2D images from 3D scenes. When used with other techniques... more

Raytracing (I.3.7...) | Mar 23 17

Efficient discovery of longest-lasting correlation in sequence databases: The VLDB Journal

Large quantities of data are stored every day in databases, but sooner or later these data must be extracted according to different criteria: these extractions constitute data sequences. One... more

Time Series Analysis (G.3...) | Mar 22 17

Pedagogy of game design: YouTube

Should video game design, or for that matter any sort of software design, be taught by a practitioner or an academic? The academic will have an organized and abstract understanding of the design process... more

Games (I.2.1...) | Mar 21 17

Autonomic performance and power control for co-located web applications in virtualized datacenters: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems

The proliferation of cloud computing and virtualized environments raises several performance issues regarding load balancing and power... more

Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Mar 21 17

WebAL comes of age: a review of the first 21 years of artificial life on the web: Artificial Life

Soon after computers became available to researchers, they were used to explore concepts like cellular automata or self-replicating machines and organisms, the most... more

Artificial Intelligence (I.2) | Mar 21 17

Algorithms (4th ed.)

Sedgewick and Wayne’s Algorithms for many years has been the first book of an undergraduate course in programming, yet each of the editions seems to be written as a fresh book. The novelty of this edition... more
Nonnumerical Alg. & Prob. (F.2.2) | Mar 29 17

Mathematical modelling

Although the book is parochial, given its authors are all Finnish and the original language in print was Finnish (although this version is the English translation), the text has many topics that are universal in nature and can be profitable for professional or... more
Model Development (I.6.5) | Mar 29 17

Game theory with engineering applications

Game theory can be briefly described as the investigation of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation among rational entities. In the past, it has been extensively applied to problems of economics, but the last few decades have found... more
Engineering (J.2...) | Mar 28 17

The art of electronics (3rd ed.)

This is the third edition of The art of electronics. The aim of reviewing this book is not to judge whether it’s good or bad, but rather to highlight what made it so successful. A brief reminder to the reader... more
Electronics (J.2...) | Mar 28 17

A course in mathematical statistics and large sample theory

Researchers, mathematicians, and statisticians at the University of Arizona, the University of Notre Dame, and Florida State University are the authors of this book. It is clearly the result of the long-term collection of rich educational material containing both... more
Probability & Statistics (G.3) | Mar 28 17

MySQL for the Internet of Things

What if anything you touch generates data that needs to be monitored, stored, and potentially curated? How could you process the data, and what format should it be in? With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), this scenario has become reality... more
Query Languages (H.2.3...) | Mar 27 17

Data mining for social robotics: toward autonomously social robots

This comprehensive work focuses on human-robot interaction (HRI) using data mining and time series analysis. There are two major objects in this vast field: autonomy and sociality. The author provides... more
Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Mar 24 17

Process mining: data science in action

In process mining, event logs of processes are analyzed in order to extract information about the organization, processes, and products. For example, a business process workflow for giving credit to... more
Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Mar 24 17

Security challenges and approaches in Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a tremendously growing network that will affect our daily lives in every aspect. Therefore, the security of IoT needs to be carefully considered due to the size of the... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Mar 23 17

Wicked cool shell scripts: 101 scripts for Linux, OS X, and UNIX systems (2nd ed.)

This is the second edition of a book originally published in 2004, and some new material has been added to address needs (like cloud storage access) that have emerged since that time. The authors observe... more
Scripting Languages (I.7.2...) | Mar 23 17

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