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August 20, 2017

Deep learning
Deep learning is currently the most popular (and maybe hyped) discipline within artificial intelligence (AI). It is a key component of current speech recognition systems and it has allowed computers to reach human-level performance in many tasks that were beyond their reach just a decade ago, such as object recognition in computer vision... more
Our technology forces us to live mythically, but we continue to think fragmentarily, and on single, separate planes... more
- Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore (1967)
The continuity of continuous integration: Journal of Systems and Software

Continuous integration (CI) systems push the compilation, building, and testing of software changes. Either your change is a success, or you failed. Surprisingly, the route to this binary model is... more

Management (D.2.9) | Aug 17 17

Learning adaptive dressing assistance from human demonstration: Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Is dressing a daily chore, in a range that includes cooking, cleaning, and eating, whose automation might have an enormous impact, especially because of aging? This is unclear, but... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Aug 16 17

A novel method to gauge audience engagement with televised election debates through instant, nuanced feedback elicitation: C&T 17

Three UK researchers tested a 15-member student audience’s real-time reaction to a televised two-person political debate concerning whether or not the... more

Interaction Styles (H.5.2...) | Aug 15 17

Manifest domains: analysis and description: Formal Aspects of Computing

Dines Bjørner in numerous publications suggested a triptych view of software engineering, specified in this paper as follows: “before hardware and software systems can be designed and coded, we must have a reasonable... more

Domain Engineering (D.2.13...) | Aug 11 17

SC-Haskell: sequential consistency in languages that minimize mutable shared heap: PPoPP 17

Concurrency remains a hard problem. Efficient concurrency is even harder. But what if there were a setting where writing correct concurrent programs was significantly easier, at a very modest cost... more

Haskell (D.3.2...) | Aug 11 17

QoS-aware optimal and automated semantic web service composition with user’s constraints: Service Oriented Computing and Applications

The automatic orchestration and choreography of service-oriented architecture and web services is the problem area addressed in this paper. A... more

Semantic Web (H.3.4...) | Aug 11 17

Repetition between stakeholder (user) and system requirements: Requirements Engineering

While stakeholder or user requirements (URs) should have corresponding system requirements (SysR), the purpose of these requirements is fundamentally different. URs are focused more on defining the... more

Requirements/Specifications (D.2.1) | Aug 10 17

The communication-hiding pipelined BiCGstab method for the parallel solution of large unsymmetric linear systems: Parallel Computing

In the huge matrices used in high-performance computing (HPC), there exist patterns and relations among the members of... more

Parallel Architectures (C.1.4) | Aug 10 17

Test oracle strategies for model-based testing: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

For software testing, it is important to know the expected results of test inputs. In a simple form, an oracle helps to determine if a test passed or failed by providing the expected output for a given... more

Testing Tools (D.2.5...) | Aug 10 17

A linear algorithm for a perfect matching in polyomino graphs: Theoretical Computer Science

Perfect matching in a graph is a set of edges where any pair does not share a common vertex and every vertex of the graph is the endpoint of an edge from that set. From the paper’s introduction: “A polyomino... more

Numerical Algorithms (G.1.0...) | Aug 10 17

Natural language understanding in a semantic web context

We continue to witness increasing interest in natural language processing (NLP) since its beginning in 1950 when Alan Turing developed the Turing test--a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior... more
Natural Language Processing (I.2.7) | Aug 18 17

Programming in Haskell

Graham Hutton’s Programming in Haskell is a leading textbook on the functional programming language Haskell, which first appeared in 2007; it is instructive to see how its second edition reflects what has changed over the last decade. A particular strength of... more
Functional Programming (D.1.1) | Aug 17 17

Consensus on Peirce’s concept of habit

Charles Sanders Peirce (sounds like “purse”) was one of the four great American philosophers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the others being Josiah Royce, William James, and John Dewey. Peirce is usually grouped among the pragmatists, but his writings... more
Social & Behavioral Sciences (J.4) | Aug 16 17

Deep learning

Deep learning (DL) is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) that carries out machine learning in terms of a hierarchy of concepts. DL enables a machine to build complex concepts by combining simpler ones, and thus relieves a human operator from the burden of... more
Learning (I.2.6) | Aug 16 17

Conflict and complexity: countering terrorism, insurgency, ethnic and regional violence

The 32 authors who have contributed to this book’s 16 chapters include military experts, political scientists, psychologists, economists, sociologists, and complexity scientists. Their objective is to show how... more
Military (J.1...) | Aug 15 17

The psychology of information security

With the increase of ever-advancing technology, the field of information security has seemingly overlooked a crucial factor: humans. This book aims to address this lacuna by describing the role of human psychology with respect to securing information systems. At... more
Security, Integrity & Protection (H.2.0...) | Aug 15 17

Beginning Power BI (2nd ed.)

The goal of this book is to expose readers to the various tools in Microsoft’s self-service BI stack, built over Excel 2016, comprising Power Pivot, Power BI Desktop, Power Query, and DAX to enable them to analyze and gain insight into their data. This book can be taken... more
Excel (H.4.1...) | Aug 14 17

Java 9 revealed

Java 9 is the latest version of one of the most popular programming languages currently in use. As I am writing this review, Java 9 is under an intense reviewing process. How to adopt and migrate existing code to Java 9 will soon be important. Java 9 revealed... more
Java (D.3.2...) | Aug 11 17

Raspberry Pi 3 in easy steps

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer developed in 2011 by a British charity to promote a different way of teaching computer science in school, away from applications and web design toward programming and experimentation. Raspberry Pi is about the... more
Linux (D.4.0...) | Aug 11 17

Cyber security engineering

As the subtitle claims, this book offers a practical approach to cyber security engineering. It does not introduce yet another set of methodologies; instead, it attempts to give guidance on how to use all of the existing information in your context, for the... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Aug 11 17

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